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Join the 3500+ Bay-Area professionals working to take their careers to the next level by working on their public speaking skills.

All you have to do is just show up to the class prepared to have fun and learn a lot.

Here are some of the important things you will learn

  • Build your public speaking skills and confidence in a very safe environment
  • Get Public Speaking and Presentation Skills coaching
  • Learn the latest public speaking and presentation tips
  • Learn to think better and faster on your feet

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Public Speaking

Weekly follow up classes to help you improve and continue improving over time!

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Excellent for All Speaking Levels.

What To Expect

In each workshop and class we focus on a particular aspect of public speaking and we practice it with other members in the group in a safe and coached environment.

The workshops and classes are designed using the latest tools of public speaking to help you become more confident and comfortable in front groups of people and help you articulate your thoughts in a clear and organized manner.

“Outstanding as always. Peter always has a new technique to share with the class that everyone gets a chance to try. Highly recommend.”

John Turnacliff, CEO

“I rarely if ever feel strongly enough to write a review, but I genuinely believe in Peter’s method and vision for Magnetic Speaking.

I arrived at his Magnetic Presentations Bootcamp with some anxiety, particularly since I wasn’t sure if business people could help me prepare effectively for an academic presentation. Peter took my content in stride and provided me with invaluable suggestions and several occasions to apply his method immediately.

I will be recommending these bootcamps, workshops, meet-ups, and coaching to my colleagues, friends, and family. The trainer Peter commands attention from the group the entire day and effortlessly has his clients engaging each other in order to learn and improve.”

Maurice N.

Magnetic Blueprint Bootcamp

“Superb class — I’ll be back!”

Darren Sargent, Engineer