public speaking

Customized Training For Your Organization

Customizable on-site and off-site training for your organization

Trainings are customized based on your organizational communication needs.
  • 1 hour – 3 full days
  • Groups of 5 to 20 professionals
  • All trainings are highly interactive, practical, and fun. (Because of the interactive nature and the challenge presented to participants, the trainings tend to add a team building element in addition to all the practical and valuable skills learned)

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Most Requested Topics

  • Magnetic Delivery Full Day Boot Camp
  • Magnetic Storytelling Full Day Boot Camp
  • Magnetic Presentations Full Day Boot Camp
  • Magnetic Improvisation Full Day Boot Camp
  • Or a customized combination of the 4 boot camps above

We do other programs too

Contact us and we will build a program just for your organization.

You’ll work directly with a MagneticSpeaking consultant to design exercises and interactive activities to address your organizational communication challenges and goals and get you measurable results.

All Trainings are hands-on, interactive and incorporate one-on-one coaching for participants.

Other customized public speaking trainings for your organization

  • Fundamentals of Presentations: Present with Confidence, Credibility, and Clarity
  • Media Training: Present For The Camera and the Media
  • Sales Presentations: Present To Sell and Close Deals
  • Business Presentations: Present To Influence and Motivate
  • Technical Presentations: Present to Inform and Engage

From marketing and sales to high-tech and engineering, we have the right skills, methodology and experience to customize powerful, engaging and highly valuable trainings for your organization.