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Stand-out as an Influential Leader With Continuous And Fun Public Speaking Classes Online.

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  • All you have to do is just click a link on the time of the class and you are in a virtual class setting ready to have fun and learn.

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Here are some of the key takeaways of the class

  • Elevate your public speaking skills and confidence in a very safe online environment
  • Get public speaking coaching from a professional coach
  • Stay up to date with your public speaking skills with weekly insights and tips
  • Practice thinking faster and better on your feet

For available classes and courses anywhere in the United States (California, New York, Boston, Texas, etc….fill in the form and you will get weekly emails with the schedule.

Limited Seating In the Virtual Space 10 participants-first come, first served.

No prerequisites (Excellent for All Speaking Levels)

In each class, we focus on one specific public speaking skill. After learning the skill you get to practice delivery in front of others in the virtual environment.

These online courses and classes are designed using the latest tools of public speaking to make you more confident and comfortable in front groups of people and help you articulate your thoughts in a clear and concise and confident manner.


“Surprising! I attend the live classes with magnetic speaking and I thought the online class will be less interactive and less fun. I was pleasantly surprised.  The classes online are convenient, fun, and very interactive. Now I attend both online and offline classes on alternating weeks and I get a lot from each.” Mike Caulfield, C-level executive

“I really liked the Beta-class and I will keep attending on a regular basis because it’s my way to keep my public speaking skills sharp and stay in touch with the Silicon Valley vibe as I work from Boston …” Sam, Engineer, Nokia