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About Magnetic Speaking


Discover How To Communicate With Charisma And Power

Discover How To Communicate With Charisma And Power

Our Backgrounds

We’re a well trained, dynamic and diverse team of certified speaking trainers who come from professional backgrounds like engineering, project management, recruiting, news reporting, healthcare and more. Each of us worked through our own fears of public speaking, and at some point, made the leap to become speakers and trainers.

Because of our backgrounds, we understand modern, professional environments and the importance of communicating in a clear and relatable way. We also know how to break through anxieties and feel free in front of a group.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that public speaking skills are important for your career. We believe that you can improve these skills. We also believe that we are the best in the world at helping smart professionals develop their speaking skills.

We’ve seen our share of trainings on our speaking journeys (both good and bad) and know what makes great learning experiences. We’ve created a system that makes it approachable and quick for anyone to learn public speaking.


We say “Yes” to:

Tangible, bite-sized, practical frameworks. Immediate practice on the spot. Interactive, fun engagement of the group.

We say “No” to:

Tons of note-taking without practice. Dense theory that isn’t practical. Boring trainings that don’t engage the group. Information overload that’s hard to implement after the training.

Our Promise to You

You’ll see dramatic results in just one day. Learning is fast and fun (methodologies informed by a variety of disciplines). Gain practical tools you can use right away. Get a scientific approach to take the mystery out of public speaking. Receive modern training with constantly updated techniques. Speak multiple times in front of a small group and get instant feedback. Hone your skills with follow-up classes in San Francisco


Meet the team

We’re proud of the work we do and even more proud of the types of people we get to work with everyday. We hope you take the leap. All of us are grateful that we did.


Peter Khoury

CEO / Trainer

Peter Khoury is a Certified Professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, trainer and strategic executive coach. He is a professional speaker and an expert working with executives and leaders to build their presence, skills and confidence.

Peter transitioned from his pharmaceutical engineering job and started his training career 15 years ago. He started training professionals on negotiation skills and conflict management and after years of traveling nationally decided to start Magnetic Speaking and share his speaking skills and experience with others.

Peter speaks and trains nationally on variety of topics for well respected organizations and companies:

  • California CPA Foundation
  • Institute of Supply Management
  • National Association of Purchasing Managers
  • Charted Property and Casualty Underwriters Society
  • National Society of Professional Engineers

To bring out excellence in participants, Peter uses his diverse knowledge of business, systems thinking and coaching for his training, speaking and coaching engagements. He helps clients with management leadership, self-empowerment and strategic skills to achieve their goals.

Peter is the author of the book “Self-Leadership Guide: Be Empowered. Be Motivated.”


Chaz Wolfson

Account Executive

From stand up comedy, improv performances, and speeches in front of hundreds to virtual content delivery and training, Chaz brings 10 years of public speaking experience to the Magnetic Speaking team. He can take a crowd on a journey with his vibrant storytelling skills and is experienced in training others how to do the same.

In addition to his public speaking and training experience, Chaz worked as a recruiter for years where he learned to hone in his communication skills in a virtual setting.

Chaz believes in a growth mindset and that anyone can learn these skills of speaking in front of crowds, coworkers or clients in a virtual setting.


Gina Rapaport

(Ex-Health Care Specialist)

Gina has a Masters Degree in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching. She is passionate about supporting others in their personal and professional development and approaches transformation from a holistic perspective.

Gina's own journey has taken her from providing guidance to struggling teens in a wilderness therapy program in Utah, to coaching those battling with intense stress and anxiety, to managing and developing an employee wellness program in a large public healthcare system. Throughout all of these endeavors, she has sought to use herinterpersonal and organizational skills to facilitate growth and optimal well-being in others.

Gina has found her work at Magnetic Speaking to be deeply gratifying. She is inspired by helping her clients gain the skills and confidence to communicate at their maximum potential so they can achieve their professional goals.


Rahul Guttal

VP / Trainer
(Ex-Project Manager)

Rahul never expected to be a public speaking trainer. He started his career in technology - gaining experience in a wide range of roles: business developer, data analyst, project manager and user researcher.

Over those years, he also focused heavily on personal and professional development, diving into leadership coaching, meditation, counseling and much more.

By exposing himself to vastly different worlds, he realized that public speaking training for professionals was the perfect way to bring these interests together. He’s happiest when he’s learning and helping others grow.


Tihanna McCleese

(Ex-TV and Radio Reporter)

Tihanna brings nearly two decades of communication experience to the Magnetic Speaking team! She spent 15 years as a television and radio news reporter, producer and writer telling stories all over the country for major network affiliates like ABC and FOX.

She spent another five years sharpening her public relations and marketing skills by helping start ups, small business, and non profits in the Bay Area tell their stories before deciding to step onto the stage and tell her own.

Tihanna believes effective, authentic and engaging communication is a learnable skill, that like a gift, should be shared.


Aliya Janjua

(Director at Fintech Company)

Aliya Janjua has nearly 20 years of leadership experience working in a global financial technology company. She is driven to help her team achieve their best, learn new things, improve culture and employee engagement and give back to the community.

Aliya has years of global mentoring experience. She is a professional mentor with the US State Department-sponsored TechWomen program and the nonprofit She-CAN, where she has mentored women from Gaza, Morocco, Rwanda and Cambodia.

In March 2016, Aliya started a podcast series called “Confessions of Successful Asian Women,” where she interviews and shares stories of female groundbreakers in the Asian American community.


Raitis Stalazs

(Start-up Entrepreneur)

Raitis Stalazs is a professional speaker, consultant and Magnetic Speaking lead certified trainer. He is a sought-after speaker on the topics of business leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship.

In the past 10 years, Raitis has built and sold three very successful companies, created a transformational workout program: The Magic Hour, and led seminars on speaking, leadership and business for the general public.

Raitis believes that anyone can reach their goals if they’re willing to do what it takes. His mission is to inspire and empower people to elevate their personal and business lives. He brings his business-building knowledge, coaching expertise and unwavering optimism to help you improve your speaking skills and advance your career.