About Magnetic Speaking


Discover How To Communicate With Charisma And Power

Discover How To Communicate With Charisma And Power

Our Backgrounds

We’re a well trained, dynamic and diverse team of certified speaking trainers who come from professional backgrounds like engineering, project management, recruiting, news reporting, healthcare and more. Each of us worked through our own fears of public speaking, and at some point, made the leap to become speakers and trainers.

Because of our backgrounds, we understand modern, professional environments and the importance of communicating in a clear and relatable way. We also know how to break through anxieties and feel free in front of a group.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that public speaking skills are important for your career. We believe that you can improve these skills. We also believe that we are the best in the world at helping smart professionals develop their speaking skills.

We’ve seen our share of trainings on our speaking journeys (both good and bad) and know what makes great learning experiences. We’ve created a system that makes it approachable and quick for anyone to learn public speaking.


We say “Yes” to:

Tangible, bite-sized, practical frameworks. Immediate practice on the spot. Interactive, fun engagement of the group.

We say “No” to:

Tons of note-taking without practice. Dense theory that isn’t practical. Boring trainings that don’t engage the group. Information overload that’s hard to implement after the training.

Our Promise to You

You’ll see dramatic results in just one day. Learning is fast and fun (methodologies informed by a variety of disciplines). Gain practical tools you can use right away. Get a scientific approach to take the mystery out of public speaking. Receive modern training with constantly updated techniques. Speak multiple times in front of a small group and get instant feedback. Hone your skills with follow-up classes in San Francisco


Meet the team

We’re proud of the work we do and even more proud of the types of people we get to work with everyday. We hope you take the leap. All of us are grateful that we did.


Peter Khoury

CEO / Trainer

Peter Khoury is a Certified Professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, trainer and strategic executive coach. He is a professional speaker and an expert working with executives and leaders to build their presence, skills and confidence.

Peter transitioned from his pharmaceutical engineering job and started his training career 15 years ago. He started training professionals on negotiation skills and conflict management and after years of traveling nationally decided to start Magnetic Speaking and share his speaking skills and experience with others.

Peter speaks and trains nationally on variety of topics for well respected organizations and companies:

  • California CPA Foundation
  • Institute of Supply Management
  • National Association of Purchasing Managers
  • Charted Property and Casualty Underwriters Society
  • National Society of Professional Engineers

To bring out excellence in participants, Peter uses his diverse knowledge of business, systems thinking and coaching for his training, speaking and coaching engagements. He helps clients with management leadership, self-empowerment and strategic skills to achieve their goals.

Peter is the author of the book “Self-Leadership Guide: Be Empowered. Be Motivated.”

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Jessica Rankin

(Ex-Biologist and Consultant)

Jessica brings a unique background as a biologist, trainer, and consultant in the resource management and compliance space. Her experience ranges from working directly with leadership teams on system design to working with individuals to create and run trainings within organizations. She's also honed her communication skills as a writer, authoring several books in the resource management space. 

Jessica believes the growth potential of any organization is capped by the training of their employees and therefore promotes cultures rooted in professional development. As a trainer, she encourages her participants to have fun by engaging in an active learning environment.

Fun facts: Jessica was an avid competitive runner in races all around the U.S.! 

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Erin Anderson

(Mediator and Ex-Healthcare Consultant)

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Giles Feinberg

(Speaker and
Adjunct Psychology Professor)

Erin brings a blend of experiences from healthcare consulting, conflict mediation, and mental health. As a healthcare consultant, she learned the importance of understanding her audience and leading the room by presenting to executives at meetings, large audiences at conferences, and adult learners in trainings and workshops. As a conflict mediator, she understands how crucial communication is for progress and positive outcomes.

Erin believes that anyone can overcome public speaking anxiety and loves teaching strategies that empower people. In her work at Magnetic Speaking, she loves seeing the unique talents of each client and helping them share their voice articulately. 

Giles has dual expertise from academia and the criminal justice system, giving him a unique ability to empower leaders with their communication skills. He leverages his background in storytelling and persuasion to help them distill complex concepts into bite-sized, engaging, and impactful messages.

Giles' experience extends beyond academics. He has engaged audiences at national conferences, developed impactful employee training programs, and coached executives on effective communication. This versatility allows him to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

Giles enjoys teaching. In addition to being a Magnetic Speaking trainer, he is an adjunct professor of psychology. Giles is a firm believer that everyone can become a powerful communicator. He brings inspiration, joy, and respect to every learning environment at Magnetic Speaking, fostering a space where individuals can unleash their potential.


Zehra Husnain

(Facilitator and
Language Pathologist)

Zehra brings a unique Speech-Language Pathology and executive coaching background to Magnetic Speaking. She is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and an expert in communication and clear articulation. She spent years working with clients to achieve their professional communication at the corporate leadership level.

She has presented at conferences, participated in panel discussions, and run workshops, and knows how to help clients customize messages depending on the setting and audiences.

Zehra is an embodiment of the Magnetic Speaking philosophy that communication is a lot like physical fitness. You must train your speaking muscles to communicate more effectively and confidently. Unsurprisingly, presenting and communication coaching are not her only passions; she is also passionate about health and fitness and can talk about them all day long.