Facilitation Bootcamp


Run Effective, Productive and Engaging Meetings at Work

Run Effective, Productive and Engaging Meetings at Work


Limited Seating Training to maximize your learning experience. Seats go fast.


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Important: All bootcamps have a 1-hour break for lunch and meet via Zoom at Pacific Standard Time.


"All bootcamps are nothing short of magnificent. I feel that I’m growing after every session. They have broken down a complex skill into palatable portions. Each of their bootcamps deconstructs different aspects of public speaking and makes it fun to learn. The exercises help you speak in front of a live audience in a safe space. All the instructors are fantastic and everyone brings their own twist based on their background and experience."

Lupin J.
Engineering Program Manager

What You'll Learn

Most corporate meetings are boring, uneventful, unfocused, full of interruptions or lack participation. Turn that around by learning what to do before, during and after your meetings.


After the training, your meetings will have clear outcomes, get people participating and be a great use of everyone's time. You might even end up with less meetings!

Some Behavioral Takeaways

How to prepare for meetings and set clear objectives for yourself and others

Start the meeting with clarity and context so that everyone is on the same page

Handle over-participation and under-participation in the meeting through “engagement” and “focusing” skills

Run engaging discussions, brainstorming, decision-making, or icebreaker sessions

Manage meetings well even if you don’t have “positional authority”

Deliver laser focused project updates and proposals

Close meetings with a strong action plan and accountability

Material Takeaways

Take home the "3-Phase Facilitation" reference book with frameworks and techniques for each phase of your meeting.


Training Structure & Flow

  • Set your stage with the right outcomes and audience 
  • Use the "Alignment Matrix" to align your meeting at the strategic level of the organization
  • Apply the "Introduction Formula" to start your meeting with clarity and authority
  • Practice 
  • Learn the 4 key facilitation skills you need for any meeting
  • Interrupt "over-talkers" gracefully to get the meeting on track
  • Keep the meeting on track with "production language" 
  • Get "under-talkers" to participate and add their opinions to the discussion 
  • Take charge by synthesizing the key decisions, outcomes and insights at the end of the meeting 
  • Practice 
  • Utilize a simple, methodical framework for continuous improvement 
  • Build your meeting management discipline 
  • Ensure accountability with clear owners and timeline

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Zoom Video Conferencing


9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) with a one hour break for lunch


10 SEATS ONLY. Class size is limited to give you maximum attention and practice time.