Storytelling Bootcamp


Go Beyond Data to Connect and Influence

Go Beyond Data to Connect and Influence


Limited seating training for maximum practice time and instructor attention. 


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In-Person Bootcamps

San Francisco, CA

Important: All in-person bootcamps have a 1-hour break for lunch. 

Virtual Bootcamps

Note: All virtual bootcamps have a 1-hour break for lunch and meet via Zoom at Pacific Standard Time.


"I took the Storytelling and was blown away by: how much I (and everyone else) improved in just 8 hours, how easy it was to pick up and immediately use their frameworks for telling a personal story, customer success story, inspirational story, etc., and how safe it felt trying out new speaking techniques. I've got 3 more trainings to take and can't wait! "

Eric L.
Senior Product Manager at PeopleGrove

What You'll Learn

Discover how to sell ideas, products and processes without sounding pushy or salesy. Learn different business story types, story structures and delivery techniques to make meaningful points.


Harness the power of 6 different story-types you need to tell at work. Learn to be relatable, share successes, educate your listeners and be memorable.

Some Behavioral Takeaways

Know the 6 stories every successful professional must know

Tell stories that always have a point (and avoid trailing off…)

Share successes without sounding like you’re bragging

Make any story sound interesting by speaking to the “invisible information”

Answer the “tell me about yourself” question the right way

Make your points more believable and memorable

Have a toolbelt of delivery techniques so your stories have variety

Transport your audience to the story and make them glad to be there

Eliminate audience objections before they voice them with an objection-handling technique 

Material Takeaways

Take home the “Storytelling for Business” reference workbook with storytelling frameworks and delivery techniques.


Training Structure & Flow

  • Share a coherent personal story about yourself in less than 2 minutes (and share the appropriate level of information)
  • Relate yourself to new groups at work or during interviews and talks
  • Draw everyone in with 2 delivery techniques
  • Practice presentation with optional video feedback
  • Use the Customer Success Story to show customers & colleagues how you can help them
  • Handle objections and skepticism skillfully 
  • Practice 
  • Learn the Study Story to share research insights 
  • Share detailed information to those outside your subject expertise 
  • Influence the analytical folks in the room
  • Make your story visually appealing with a movement technique
  • Practice 
  • Lead meetings or discussions with Lessons Learned and Hope/Inspiration Stories  
  • Take your experiences and make them into concrete lessons others can learn from 
  • Learn a technique to make your stories compelling (and avoid stories that sound too linear) 
  • Use your body language to convey emotion
  • Practice 

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Zoom Video Conferencing or our San Francisco office


9:00am to 2:30pm PST/ 10am to 3:30pm MST/ 11am to 4:30pm CST/ 12pm to 5:30pm EST with a one hour break for lunch 


10 SEATS ONLY. Class size is limited to give you maximum attention and practice time.