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Leadership communication, presentations, panels, nail your interviews, and more with the help of an expert coach.

Leadership communication, presentations, panels, nail your interviews, and more with the help of an expert coach

Coaching for

Coaching For

Coaching For
Startup Founders


Coaching Programs For You

Coaching for

Become a strategic communicator and express your ideas better

Advocate for yourself and your team better when speaking to leadership

Boost your charisma and executive presence

Articulate yourself well in media interviews, panels, and conferences

Inspire confidence and motivate your team

Gain investor and board member's trust

Coaching for Professionals

Communicate clearly, concisely, and confidently

Nail your next job interview or interview presentation

Be 100% ready for your next big work presentation

Prepare for a future leadership or management position

Open up new opportunities by overcoming your speaking fears

Who is this for

High potential professionals in Product, Engineering, Data Science, Marketing, Project Management, Finance, etc.


"I had to present for an intimidating audience of 300 medical professionals. Less than 2 weeks before the event, I learned I had to re-do my whole presentation because the organizer wanted me to present in a way I’ve never presented before. Through 1:1 coaching, I got the structure I needed to rebuild from scratch, and the Delivery training helped me loosen up and not be a monotone robot. I’ve now felt the pressure melt away. I’m confident, albeit still nervous, that I can do this. I feel prepared. I was terrified that I wasn't going to get it together in time! Magnetic hooked me up big time! "

Betsy M.

Coaching for
Startup Founders

Make a compelling pitch to investors and the press

Ensure your pitch flows well from the intro to the ask

Tailor your pitch for competitions (Y-combinator, IndiBio, Runway, Founders Fund)

Learn how to pitch one-on-one, panels, stadium or virtual

Common Clients

Founders who: want to grow with their company, have business partners or are raising funding 


The Coaching Process

Coaching is tailored specifically for each professional based on skill level and need.

On average, clients get their desired results in 5 to 10 sessions.

Sessions are typically used for:

  • Leadership communication development
  • Big presentation prep
  • Pitch decks creation
  • Interview prep
  • Board meeting or investor communications

If you're a professional or executive with long-term development needs, we'll create a customized coaching package for you. Our most committed clients have worked with us over many years.

Session Details

Typically, the first session starts with an assessment of needs/gaps and then moves into the priority areas for the rest of the session.

The subsequent sessions are a deep-dive to improve the most pressing gaps from delivery, messsaging, storytelling, impromptu and/or comfort level. Rehearsal and feedback happens continuously throughout the sessions to make sure you shine during your big moments.

3 Steps to Start
1-on-1 Coaching:

  • 1
    Schedule a free consultation
  • 2
    Get a customized recommendation from a training specialist
  • 3
    Schedule your first virtual or in-person session