Public Speaking Training For Smart Teams

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Pragmatic, Customized and Long-Term

Pragmatic, Customized and Long-Term

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Popular Choices For Virtual Training

2-hour training blocks

Live and interactive

Simple and easy pricing structure

Flexible scheduling and customizable content

Training focus options: Delivery, Storytelling, Messaging, and Impromptu.

Half-Day or Full-Day Training

Schedule half-day, full-day, or multiple-days

Schedule for different time zones

Get package pricing by purchasing multiple blocks

Training focus options: Delivery, Storytelling, Messaging, Impromptu, Women In Leadership, and Facilitation.

Customized Training Options For Your Team

Virtual or In-Person, Interactive and Customized

Through years of optimization, we found that professionals need to develop 4 distinct areas so they can shine when they present in company environments - Delivery, Messaging, Storytelling and Impromptu.


Magnetic Delivery

2-hr blocks or Full-Day

Captivate your audience every time you speak. Learn presence, eye contact, body language and energy to ramp up your confidence.


Magnetic Messaging

2-hr blocks or Full-Day

Create presentations and messages like an executive. Learn to be concise, save time and leave an impact on your colleagues.


Magnetic Storytelling

2-hr blocks or Full-Day

Increase your influence at work with 6 business-relevant story-types. Have your content be memorable and relatable in a cross-functional environment.


Magnetic Impromptu

2-hr blocks or Full-Day

Think fast and speak smart when put on the spot. Say goodbye to the embarrassing rambling or evading by using a vetted impromptu framework.

*Virtual trainings can be split into several sessions (2-hour blocks recommended) or full-day

**Training modules can be mixed and customized: Partial-day, 1-day, and Multi-day programs 

Participants can expect:
Tools To Use Right Away, Lots of Practice, Immediate Feedback, Long-Term Development


"I cannot say enough about Magnetic Speaking. They significantly shifted the way Zendesk creates and delivers information to our customers, be it through in-person or virtual presentations. Magnetic gave us the tools to better explain how we can help our customers. And right now, we all need to cut through the noise and help our customers do the right things."

Sarah R.
Sr. Director at Zendesk

Examples of Smart Teams
We worked With

  • 1
    Executive Teams (Ex. VPs, C-suite)
  • 2
    Technical Teams (Ex. Data Science, Engineering)
  • 3
    Customer-facing teams (EX. SDRs, Account Managers)
  • 4
    Marketing Teams (Ex. Product, Content)

We work with teams that want to:

Make their work relatable and visible to other groups

Share their thoughts freely and clearly in meetings

Present their ideas effectively to leadership

Represent the team and their projects better in the company

Learn and practice modern speaking frameworks in fun, interactive trainings


"Magnetic has been one of our greatest finds when it comes to employee training. We’ve found that their trainings have extremely high recall among attendees. Even months after a course, attendees are able to list active behavior changes - a testament that Magnetic’s programs really stick. Their methodology is truly one of a kind."

Kelsey M.
People & Culture Rep at ZScaler

Other Ways Organizations
Work with Us


and coaching for C-suite and executives


for teams in preparation for conferences and company events


in retreats and team building activities