Impromptu Bootcamp


Think Fast and Speak Smart When You’re On the Spot

Think Fast and Speak Smart When You’re On the Spot


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"Magnetic Speaking provides a safe, fun, engaging environment with well-structured exercises and skilled facilitators to master public speaking. I tend to get performance anxiety, which I'd like to be done with. The Impromptu Training gave me great tools, feedback and PRACTICE in order to feel comfortable and confident when put on the spot. After the course, I found impromptu speaking to be fun, not scary."

Alison L.
Sustainability Consultant

What You'll Learn

With this highly interactive training, you’ll handle interruptions, questions and challenges with grace. Eliminate rambling, freezing and blanking by implementing 4 powerful strategies (with frameworks and techniques in each).


Stop waiting for the perfect words and share your thoughts more often and clearly.

Some Behavioral Takeaways

Organize your thoughts quickly and express them succinctly using an easy to follow impromptu system

Become more expressive, relaxed and less "performative" by doing exercises throughout the day

Share an opinion on the spot that sounds like you prepared it

Handle Q&A with ease and charisma using a powerful technique called SLS (used by top CEOs)

Tactfully speak, interrupt and voice your ideas as the smart professional you are

Improvise well when presenting in a team and group setting

Keep your audience engaged and involved using impromptu pro strategies

Learn and develop the 3 “Impromptu muscle” groups

Have practical exercises to continue developing your impromptu muscles

Be able to sell your ideas on the spot

Material Takeaways

Take home the Impromptu reference workbook with strategies and exercises.


Training Structure & Flow

  • Learn and practice the 3 skills needed for all impromptu situations 
  • Know what to do with your body to convey poise and confidence 
  • Speak up when you want to
  • Situational exercises 
  • Brainstorm and add value to any team you're in
  • Add specific ‘left-brain’ and ‘right-brain’ evidence when you speak up
  • Play and riff of other’s ideas with ease and comfort
  • Situational exercises
  • Disagree gracefully with others
  • Stand up for your ideas in a professional and respectful way 
  • Situational exercise 
  • Handle questions outside your domain honestly 
  • Learn to always speak from your "Domain of Power" 
  • Use questions as opportunities to teach the room something valuable
  • Practice presentation with video and feedback
  • Give yourself time to think (the right way)
  • Become less impulsive when answering hard questions 
  • Situational practice 

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Zoom Video Conferencing or our San Francisco office


9:00am to 2:30pm PST/ 10am to 3:30pm MST/ 11am to 4:30pm CST/ 12pm to 5:30pm EST with a one hour break for lunch 


10 SEATS ONLY. Class size is limited to give you maximum attention and practice time.