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Shine When You Present


1-Day Public Speaking Trainings and 1-on-1 Coaching in the Bay Area and Beyond

1-Day Public Speaking Trainings and 1-on-1 Coaching in the Bay Area and Beyond


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This Week's Topic:

How to Tell Stories That Leave an Impression

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You Can Shine At Work

"What I learned today at the Magnetic Delivery Training is how to anchor much more effectively and how to control and modulate your voice."

Surya Hotha
Senior Director, Product Marketing at AMD

"I just took the Blueprint training. My biggest takeaway was how to build a strong presentation. A strong opening, body, and a strong closing."

Pam Nicolaï
Learning and Development Manager at GoPro

"I just finished the Delivery training. What I took away specifically was how to engage with the audience and ask questions. I really enjoyed it!"

Jackie Nguyen
Strategic Account Manager, Postmates

"I just took the Blueprint workshop and the biggest takeaway I have is including emotions in your storytelling."

Tristan Tao
Senior Director, Solutions

Gain visibility

and acknowledgement for the work you do

Be promoted

to your next role

Speak up

and influence in meetings with other smart professionals

Get polished

before a big presentation

Target Your Specific Speaking Gaps

Choose from four different 1-Day Trainings geared towards your specific speaking gaps.



1-Day Bootcamp

Strong Presence, Gestures, Vocal Variety, Engaging Audience. Learn More



1-Day Bootcamp

Flow, Concise, Clear, Interesting, Executive-Level. Learn More



1-Day Bootcamp

Relatable, Memorable, Charismatic, Relevant, Compelling. Learn More



1-Day Bootcamp

Quick, Adaptable, Smart, Poised, Handle Pressure. Learn More

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Smart professionals like project managers, developers, product managers, engineers, data scientists, etc. take our trainings. They're smart and competent -- all they need is polishing their communication skills and comfort level. You'll be surprised by how fast you improve.

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“I've gained so much in the last 6 months because of Magnetic Speaking - comfort in presenting in front of crowds (including leadership), landing a big project at work, overall communication at work. I can't thank you guys enough for making such a difference in my life and making communication science available to all.”

Ankush G.
Product Manager at Gap Inc.


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