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Thank you to Peter and the Magnetic Speaking team!  I attended the Blueprint class after being awarded a scholarship by the MS team.  As a nonprofit co-founder and executive director, speaking in front of an audience is a part of my work.  Peter’s class was energetic, dynamic, and fun!  He helped me learn to think on my feet, showed me how to design an effective and engaging presentation, and helped me build confidence speaking in front of an audience.  I also learned a lot just by observing the other students in our class and listening to the valuable feedback he gave. Even the smallest tweaks with hand gestures and staging can make a big difference.

Amy P., Magnetic Blueprint Bootcamp

I attended a Magnetic Storytelling Boot Camp. In a word, it was fantastic. Like many of the reviews say: the training is the roadmap to get you where you want to go.

Whether you’re prepping to pitch your startup or you want to tell more interesting stories in your everyday life, I cannot recommend this boot camp (and other classes) enough.

Justin M.Magnetic Storytelling Bootcamp

I rarely if ever feel strongly enough to write a review, but I genuinely believe in Peter’s method and vision for Magnetic Speaking.

I arrived at his Magnetic Presentations Bootcamp with some anxiety, particularly since I wasn’t sure if business people could help me prepare effectively for an academic presentation. Peter took my content in stride and provided me with invaluable suggestions and several occasions to apply his method immediately.

I will be recommending these bootcamps, workshops, meet-ups, and coaching to my colleagues, friends, and family. The trainer Peter commands attention from the group the entire day and effortlessly has his clients engaging each other in order to learn and improve.

Maurice N., Magnetic Blueprint Bootcamp

It’s a fun class with super cool people, you feel totally comfortable and the Instructor makes it super comfortable for you. They give you good feedback and you don’t feel judged.

One of the best places I have attended. I went from having social anxiety, and being deathly afraid of having people staring at me, not being able to speak out of nervousness, to speaking comfortably at the end of the day at the training, and feeling confident about following through with public speaking.

Mel P., Magnetic Delivery Bootcamp

The blueprint bootcamp class was amazing! It was very interactive, energetic, and direct. It helped change my fear of speaking into confidence. I am looking forward to completing the rest of the programs.

Mustafa M., Magnetic Blueprint Bootcamp

 I have struggled with public speaking for many years. My weak point is that I lose my focus and ramble when I speak in public. I have pursued many avenues including toastmasters and reading various public speaking books to improve my skills. However, due to my demanding schedule and limited free time these were not viable options for me. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend magnetic speaking boot camp for presentation and delivery. The boot camps were amazing and I was able to quickly apply the structures that I learned in a presentation at work. I am so excited to continue my growth and look forward to expanding my skills and stretching my speaking muscles.

Narvelle D., Magnetic Storytelling Bootcamp & Magnetic Delivery Bootcamp

Beneficial from the first 5 minutes. Having attended a couple of sessions I have already learned so much about how to improve as a speaker. Peter is very comforting and the group atmosphere is very supportive.

Ramsey M., Magnetic Delivery Bootcamp

More Testimonials

  • Magnetic Speaking has been a huge help to my career. A couple of years ago I was looking for places that could help improve my public speaking so I started with Toastmasters, like so many people do. It has its place, but it did not have professional structured assistance for crafting the message and a compelling delivery that I was hoping to get. I attended a MeetUp for Magnetic Speaking, then proceeded to take all three of the bootcamps, weekly practice sessions and even went for some private coaching in addition. Along with providing a structure for public speaking, they also provide a very comfortable venue to practice as they really understand how stressful it is for a lot of us and they made us feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Magnetic Speaking for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills or looking for another arrow in their quiver for the business world. Top notch!!

    John T.
  • Peter Khoury is not only an exceptional executive coach and trainer, but he is also a stand out citizen and cares deeply about giving back to the community.Peter's training has made a tremendous impact on my professional career.  Public speaking and effective communication are essentials skills for anyone who wants to accelerate their career and Peter delivers in this area.  Peter's effective and proven training methods not only help with becoming comfortable with public speaking, but they also help with instilling confidence.

    As far as giving back to the community, Peter truly cares about helping others with their professional development and readily donates his time.  He has offered so many scholarships to individuals who are unable to pay for the programs.  I was a recently a mentor for the TechWoman program and he offered his boot camps to my mentee.  They were integral to her learning development.  Recently, he delivered a workshop to our Women's Leadership group and it was well received.  Everyone loved his high energy and professionalism.

    Aliya J.
  • I took the "Presentation" Day bootcamp where we focused on preparing and delivering a presentation focused on a topic of our choosing. We received excellent tips on how to structure our presentation to make it persuasive and clear and even got some feedback on delivery itself (which is usually in the Delivery Bootcamp). The class was structured in a way that gave us enough opportunities to practice in front of the group using the various techniques we'd learned.

    Public speaking is both art and science, and I feel that Magnetic Speaking understands this. The confidence you get from facing this fear is invaluable and the bootcamps make it easy to do this in a structured, safe way. I'd highly recommend this company to anyone looking to improve their speaking skills!

    Rahul G.
  • I have attended many public speaking workshops, but this is probably the best i have attended. When I first looked at the boot camp, i was quite nervous due to the fear of public speaking. I had no hope prior to this experience. I needed techniques and skills I can use right away. Attending the public speaking boot camp was the best decision I have made when it comes to improving my speaking skills and communication. The experience is priceless and would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills or to have hope to speak infront of people.

    Seshan N.
  • This was one of the best investments I have made in my professional career. I highly recommend taking any of the courses offered here.  The course I took offered invaluable lessons that would have taken me years to figure out on my own. Anyone aspiring to take their public speaking skills and professional career to the next level should sign up.  I signed up for my first course because I was nervous about public speaking, I was also wasting tons of time writing my speeches, now I can relax and enjoy my job as a clinical educator.

    Will C.

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