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Public Speaking Online with Zoom

You are just one step away from becoming the best virtual presenter on your team ...


Show up with executive presence, confidence, and the ability to articulate your points concisely in future Zoom meetings.

This course is specifically designed for smart and busy corporate professionals.

Designed Explicitly for Corporate Professionals

Generic public speaking programs help a little but they aren’t laser-focused on the corporate professional.

Speaking in a corporate world requires specific skillsets and frameworks to make you shine.

Most professionals who continue to grow in their careers have received speaking training.

If you don’t upgrade your speaking skills you risk getting passed up for promotions, big presentations and missing key moments to move up in your career

Improve Fast Before Your Next Review

On your next performance reviews, you may even get feedback like: “need to improve communication skills” “need to develop executive presence” “needs to speak out of the weeds” or “needs to be more concise”

And if you get that feedback it may take you hours and hours of traditional training to get better. (which is not a bad idea in the future)

However, you might want quick and practical tips, techniques, and frameworks you can use in your next meeting or presentation.


Why Is This Course Super Amazing...

This course is different because it’s tailored towards professionals in the virtual environment. Below are some of the reasons why you'll love this course!

Reason #1

Focused on The Corporate Setting

Improve your executive presence, strategic communication, and impromptu skills in a business setting.

Reason #2

Short Micro-Learning

The course isn’t hours and hours long. It’s short video lessons and to the point giving you the necessary techniques, frameworks, and structures to improve your speaking skills FAST.

Reason #3

Coach in Your Pocket

It’s meant to be used as a coach in your pocket. Before any presentation or meeting, you just pull up the course, choose the module you need help with at that moment, refresh what the lesson is and put it into practice.

Reason #4

Practical Techniques

The techniques are practical by design so you can apply them immediately.


Most courses approach public speaking and presenting as an art. This course is different!  It is the step-by-step science of public speaking (designed for the analytical person). See details in the four sections below:



This is what you’re doing with your hands, your body language, your pacing, tonality, energy and how you interact with your audience.

  • How To Position Your Camera And Background
  • How To Use Eye Contact In Virtual Presentations
  • How To Get Immediate Audience Participation
  • DEMO: Audience Participation
  • How To Be Engaging On Screen
  • DEMO: Screen Engagement


This is how you set up your content so that it’s influential, structured and engaging.

  • How To Communicate At The Leadership Level
  • How To Start Your Presentations The Right Way
  • DEMO: How To Start Your Presentations
  • How To Be Articulate And Concise With Your Messages
  • DEMO: How To Be Articulate And Concise


Telling stories can be an art. But it’s also a science if you have a specific structure you follow when you tell it. You can consistently tell interesting stories by following the different story arcs.

  • How To Structure A Story For A Business Setting
  • DEMO: Set Up / Story / Frame
  • How To Increase The Impact Of Your Story
  • DEMO: How To Increase The Impact Of Your Story
  • How To Build Suspense In Your Stories By Using Pauses
  • DEMO: Using A Pause To Build Suspense


This is how you think quickly in the moment so you speak confidently in any impromptu situation.

  • How To Position Your Camera And Background
  • How To Use Eye Contact In Virtual Presentations
  • How To Get Immediate Audience Participation
  • DEMO: Audience Participation
  • How To Be Engaging On Screen
  • DEMO: Screen Engagement

Become the best communicator on your team.


Just a few more reasons why this course is a no-brainer...

public speaking training virtual
Easy Access

You can access this course any time you want, anywhere you want and learn from it.


You won’t spend hours and hours in front of the computer learning abstract ideas. The videos are short (5 to 10 minutes) and loaded with practical techniques, tips, strategies and frameworks you can implement in your next meeting.


Whenever you have a presentation coming up you can open it and go to the section you need as a reference point.


This is a living course always being updated with newest trends and tips for corporate professionals


You can keep coming back to it time and time again to see examples of how to implement it best so you can master the skills


As you learn these techniques you’ll get better and better at speaking which will lead to promotions, more confidence and a higher quality of life.


Trusted By Our Student And Industry Experts Alike

Testimonial by Eva

Eva H., International Tax

Testimonial by Henry

Henry, PhD Student at Oxford University

Testimonial by Risa

Risa H., Product Designer


Yet more reasons why this course is a no-brainer...

Speaker Breakdowns + more!

You’ll also get bonuses with this course such as Speaker Breakdowns. Speaker Breakdowns take popular speakers’ videos like Steve Jobs, Mel Robbins, Tony Robbins, Matthew McConaughy and more that are then broken down by the Magnetic team on what they’re doing that makes them so good.

Exclusive Podcast Episodes

You’ll also get bonus podcasts you can’t find anywhere else. These podcasts go more into depth on strategic communication, delivery, and storytelling.

Ongoing Updates

We also come out with more bonus videos every month so you’re always getting the most up to date content to help you be a confident speaker in the virtual environment

Become the best communicator on your team.