public speaking

Magnetic Impromptu Boot Camp


Think Fast – Speak Smart Any Time You’re On The Spot

Say “goodbye” to embarrassing rambling, freezing, blanking and learn to become a genius on your feet and improvise well in any business setting.

Limited Seating Training to maximize your learning experience. Seats go fast.

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Master your ability to think on your feet

  • Expand your comfort zone and stretch your capacity to speak intelligently in uncertain, unplanned situations at work.
  • Share your ideas and thoughts more often in your organization and express yourself in a clear, concise and professional way.
  • Handle Interruption, challenges, and questions with grace
  • Feel proud of how you handle yourself in unexpected situations

Nine powerful training takeaways in this highly interactive training

  • Organize your thoughts quickly and express them succinctly using a balanced left-brain and right-brain framework
  • Become more expressive, relaxed and less robotic by doing improvisational exercises throughout the day
  • Handle Q&A with ease and charisma using a powerful technique
  • Tactfully speak, interrupt and voice your ideas as the professional you are
  • Improvise well when presenting in a team and group setting
  • Keep your audience engaged and involved using impromptu pro strategies
  • Learn and develop the 5 “Impromptu muscle” groups
  • Have practical exercises to continue developing your impromptu muscles
  • Be able to sell your ideas on the spot

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Training is at one of our Bay Area offices. Each training is different see your logistics email
San Francisco @ 406 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94107


9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. with one hour for lunch


14 seats only. Class size is limited to give you maximum attention and practice time.