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Public Speaking Coaching

Get Personalized And Customized One-on-one Public Speaking Coaching and Guidance

Improve instantly with step-by-step guidance, direct feedback, and custom-tailored information based on your personal style and content.

Coaching For Executives

Coaching For Professionals

Coaching For Professional Speakers

Convenient and Flexible: Three convenient places to meet with your coach

  • MagneticSpeaking Office in San Francisco
  • Over the web with Skype or GoToMeeting technology
  • At your own location

Coaching For Executives

  • Represent your company well by polishing up your public speaking skills and further developing your speaking confidence
  • Boost your charisma and stage presence with body language and stage utilization strategies
  • Take your career to the next level with your sharp ability to communicate, sell and motivate in front of groups
  • Gain investor trust and confidence with clear and compelling presentations
  • Succeed by getting direct, honest and crucial feedback

Coaching For Professionals

  • Open new career opportunities by overcoming your speaking fears and anxieties
  • Prepare for a future leadership position with your enhanced communication skills
  • Create stellar work presentations by getting specific feedback and guidance from a knowledgeable coach
  • Nail your next job interview presentation
  • Be 100% ready for your next “big presentation” in your organization or at conferences

Coaching For Professional Speakers

  • Get paid speaking, get more clients, and take your speaking business to the next level with the help of a mentor.
  • Get help designing and promoting your own workshops and trainings
  • Get more clients and close more deals by crafting powerful sales presentations
  • Demand higher fees by boosting your self-confidence and developing stronger content

Product Description

Get a free and no obligation 15-minute consultation: At the end of your consultation, you will get a specific Recommended Action Plan for your speaking goals.

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