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Women In Leadership


Lead as a woman – with charisma and power through this full day training.

Get recognized as a leader in your organization by enhancing your confidence and skills.

Limited seating to maximize your learning experience.

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Training Takeaways

After you take this training, you will be able to

  • Boost your brand as a capable leader inside and outside your organization
  • Project confidence and command attention every time you communicate
  • Communicate up and down the organizational ladder with eloquence and poise

During the training

Practice what you learn immediately in a full classroom setting and get immediate feedback.

Some of the topics covered in the full day event:

  1. Leadership confidence, authority, and credibility
  2. Influence skills in small or large group settings
  3. Negotiation strategies for salaries, projects, and promotions
  4. Conflict management in groups and one-on-one settings
  5. Dealing with Bullies and politics in the workplace
  6. Personal branding and professional image as a women leader
  7. Articulating a powerful vision and strategy
  8. Standing for a position without being viewed as stubborn or “bossy”
  9. Developing a magnetic and charismatic vocal and physical presence

More info or logistics

This will be a full day event.

Each session will focus on one theme to help you become a more effective leader in life and in the workplace!

Each topic will have powerful takeaways, pragmatic tools, and interactive practices during the session.