Programs Available For You

Four Public Speaking Training Options for Smart Professionals and Great Organizations!

Below are the 4 available options to improve your public speaking, presentation, and storytelling skills in any professional setting.

If you need any help choosing a class or training for you or your organization please contact us.

1- Full Day Public Speaking Training (Open To Public – for organizational training see below)

Magnetic Blueprint Bootcamp

4Magnetic Blueprint Bootcamp

Create compelling presentations to influence and engage your audience. Present effectively like a leader without reliance on notes or slides.

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Magnetic Delivery Bootcamp

5Magnetic Delivery Bootcamp

Captivate your audience every time you speak. Learn the key delivery skills you need to authentically engage your audience and ramp-up your confidence.

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Magnetic Storytelling Bootcamp

StorySmallMagnetic Storytelling Bootcamp

Increase your influence in business with the power of storytelling. Learn the 7 stories every business leader must know how to tell.

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Magnetic Improvisation Bootcamp

ImprovMagnetic Improvisation Bootcamp

Shine with eloquence and grace the next time you are put in the spot-light.  Say “Goodbye” to embarrassing rambling.

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2- Customized Training At Your Organization

Customized Training For Your Team

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 2.23.09 PMCustomized Training For Your Team

We will work with you to bring one of our boot camps to your organization or custom fit a program for your team at no cost. Our training specialists will work with you hand-in-hand to make sure the training is exactly what you and your team need.

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Organizations We’ve Worked With

3- Professional and Executive Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching

6Public Speaking Coaching

Polish your presentation skills and confidence in just one session. Get personalized and customized one-on-one coaching and guidance.

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4- On-Going and Weekly Public Speaking Classes

Weekly Public Speaking Class

MinipublicspeakingclassWeekly Public Speaking Classes

Weekly follow up classes to help you improve and continue to improve over time! First Class is free to try

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Weekly Improvisation Class

Mini-improvisationclassWeekly Improvisation Classes

Think faster on your feet.  Participate with confidence in meetings and in all hands

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Weekly Storytelling Class

Mini-storytellingClassWeekly Sorytelling Classes

Weekly classes to help you become a great storyteller in your organizatoin! First Class is free to try

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