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What Did Improv Classes Teach Me About Public Speaking

10 Years ago I attended my first set of improv classes in San Francisco. I signed up because I was an introverted engineer trying to become more expressive as a public speaker. Now, I am a national speaker and run one of the fastest growing public speaking training companies in the Bay Area. I owe […]

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How to Give an Impressive Impromptu Speech

    An Impromptu speech is a talk that you give on the spot with no preparation. The speech could be as professional as a project update or as casual as a toast at a wedding. Either way, you are expected to say something smart, witty and charming. While it might feel like torture even […]

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Extemporaneous Speaking: Perform Under Pressure From the Board Room to Next Job Interview

  You have to get better at Extemporaneous Speaking. Here is why followed with some tips to help you think faster and better on your feet. Imagine you’re working hard on a project plan or product, and a co-worker interrupts to let you know that a C-level executive is in the conference room down the […]

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