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How to Approach Leadership Interview Questions

So you’re preparing for your first leadership role (executive, VP, director, manager) and want to nail the interview. Congrats on having the confidence to apply! To get started with the right mindset, realize that leadership interviews are different from your typical interview. The interview questions you’ll be asked are different and it’s necessary to practice […]

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How To Disagree Respectfully

How to Disagree Respectfully in a Business Environment

Disagreement is a healthy part of any business environment. Do you agree? It’s ok if you don’t (leave it in the comments and would love to read it). The problem is not usually with the actual disagreement; the problem is with how the disagreement is delivered. You can deliver and receive a disagreement, and both […]

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Communication is Key To Leadership

The Number One Key to Leadership Communication

    The key to leadership communication is flexibility. Communication flexibility means being able to adjust your communication style to achieve an outcome. An outcome could be getting approval on a new project, getting more organizational resources, getting a promotion, or convincing the executives on a new business direction. Why is Flexibility in Communication is […]

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