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Why Every Salesperson Must Know THESE Fundamental Communication Skills

In our last article, we broke down a key reason why sales training programs fall short: they assume that all salespeople have the same level of fundamental communication skills. This is just not the case. A tiny percentage of a sales team will have the fundamental communication skills necessary to run with a sales training […]

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How to Approach Leadership Interview Questions

So you’re preparing for your first leadership role (executive, VP, director, manager) and want to nail the interview. Congrats on having the confidence to apply! To get started with the right mindset, realize that leadership interviews are different from your typical interview. The interview questions you’ll be asked are different and it’s necessary to practice […]

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Asking Strategic Questions In Your Next Job Interview

Many people view job interviews as a 1-way flow of information: question → answer, question → answer. A great interview should feel more natural, like a conversation. One way to do achieve this is by asking questions yourself! This will help you seem more comfortable, confident and overall stand out as a candidate. You can […]

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Behavioral Interview Questions – Tips From a Communications Pro

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking! Especially when it’s a job you really want. One of the most challenging parts of an interview can be behavioral interview questions – you know..the ones that often start with “tell me about a time when…”  But have no fear! This article will help you handle them like a pro. […]

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11 Tips to Stand Out in Your Next Virtual Job Interview

Now more than ever it’s critical to be a pro in the virtual environment. This skill-set is key for day to day things like meetings and presentations, but even more important for virtual interviews! Why? It’s your moment to shine, and all eyes are on YOU. Don’t miss out on your next big opportunity because […]

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