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A Magical Breathing Exercise To Boost Your Influence & Confidence

Here’s a simple breathing exercise that will restore your breathing back to a normal and help put you at ease next time you speak in public. This exercise will improve your breathing habit because you have most likely picked up a bad one. Your bad breathing habit could be negatively impacting your confidence and ability […]

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How to run a meeting and command the room

When you run a meeting or a presentation, people expect you to take charge and lead. If you don’t lead, your meetings will get out of control. This means people will speak out whenever they want, come in and out whenever they wish and argue with you at every point you make. You will not […]

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A Simple Strategy To Build An Awesome Personal Brand

  Just like Google, Microsoft or Coca-Cola, you too have a personal brand. It’s your responsibility to cultivate positive associations with your brand and not leave that to chance. To learn how to create a top-notch brand, you have to learn from the dominating brands of today. How to tap into the power of Associative […]

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A Speaking Formula I learned From Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad)

The author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki is legendary. His compelling communication style made him an international bestseller and kept him at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list for over six years. You can learn a lot from him about public speaking. In this article, you will learn […]

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3 Steps to Introducing Yourself as a speaker: (Without Sounding Like a Jerk)

Introducing yourself is one of the hardest things to do in a presentation or a networking setting. I know It’s awkward… You want others to know, like, and respect you without sounding mushy, cheesy or braggy. You see other presenters talk about themselves so elegantly and you wonder: how the heck do they do that? […]

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How To Make It Easy For Your Audience To Say Yes To You

Let’s face it: You want more people to agree with you. What you might not know already is that most people want to agree with you impulsively. They want to support you and champion your cause. All you have to do is give them a reason. The reason does not have to be the most […]

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How to Elevate Your Elevator Pitch: For Corporate Professionals

Have you done an elevator pitch lately? Imagine you are at an important networking event representing your organization (full of potential clients and recruiters) and you are asked to introduce yourself and your company. This could be a great opportunity for you and your organization. Are you ready for it?  The interesting history of the elevator […]

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