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Take a Presentation From Good To Great By Setting Boundaries

  One of the simplest, fastest, and easiest way I know to take any presentation to the next level is to “elegantly” set boundaries and rules during your introduction. Boundaries and rules will tell people how to behave while you are speaking. If you don’t tell your audience how to behave, then they will do […]

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How to Start a Presentation Effectively Using A Simple Analogy

This blog is a continuation of the “How to Start a Presentation Effectively” series.   As a professional, you speak to influence. Whether you educate, sell, inform, or update, your primary focus in business presentations is to influence a decision or a direction. That’s hard to do when your idea is out of the box. When the […]

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How To Develop A Magnetic Public Speaking Style

  Pushy, gimmicky, or preachy presentation styles don’t work very well. They alienate and possibly offend your audience. A style that attracts people instead of repelling them. Instead of pushing ideas on my audience, I always look for ways to make my audience attracted to what I say. I learned a few things over the […]

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How to Nail Your Next Job Interview Presentation

    What would you do if your next job required you to give a Job interview presentation? Do you know how to prepare? Do you know what to say? Do you know what to talk about? You have to start thinking and preparing for it before it happens. Because the higher your position in […]

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A Magical Breathing Exercise To Boost Your Influence & Confidence

  Here’s a simple breathing exercise that will restore your breathing back to a normal and help put you at ease next time you speak in public. This exercise will improve your breathing habit because you have most likely picked up a bad one. Your bad breathing habit could be negatively impacting your confidence and […]

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Your Company’s Brand Will Give You Authority and Credibility

  Speaking about your company’s brand is a win/win strategy for you and the brand. The brand gets more exposure and representation in the industry. And you get the association with the brand, which gives you more credibility, impact, and authority. Case Study In Action I thought of this Tip-Tuesday because I attend a series […]

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Influence Without Resistance Using The “It’s Not Your Fault” Formula

  I know something about you. You don’t like to be at fault for anything.  That’s not a secret; no one likes to be at fault. We are trained since childhood to think that being at fault equals punishment. As a result, and as adults, we develop blame avoidance.  Anytime we perceive a blame is […]

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How To Attract Your Audience And Not Repel Them

  “Attraction is not a choice.” Have you heard that before? I can’t remember where I heard it but it definitely hit home for me. If you want audience to be sucked into your presentations, then you have to trigger their emotions not just their logic. Note: Emotion is not a substitute for logic. For […]

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Never Memorize Your Presentations Again – Use a Presentation Structure

  Memorizing your presentations takes the fun and authenticity out of presenting. If you memorized a presentation before, then you know that it takes lots of time (time you can spend on other things). Also, you may not be aware of this, but today’s audiences are very savvy; they know when you have all your […]

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Twelve Signs Your Public Speaking Skills Are Improving

After investing time, energy, and money into your public speaking training, you want to see results. I like results and I like improvements as well. A lot of times it’s hard to know how to measure your public speaking improvements – below are some things to help you measure your growth. Read them carefully and […]

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