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How To Present & Make Customers Fall in Love with You and Your Company

As a technical or nontechnical professional (founder or non-founder): it’s important for you to make audiences and customers fall in love with your company! Because, when customers fall in love with your business … They also fall in love with you, with your product, and with your methodology. As a result, they buy into what […]

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A Unique Way To Start A Presentation and Capture Your Audience’s Attention

  So how do you start a presentation effectively? Good question because every time you get up to speak in front of a group of people, you have a monumental task ahead of you: Getting their undivided attention! Gaining your audience’s attention is not easy because you have to compete with powerful opponents: daydreams, cell […]

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The 2-Step Formula For Starting An Engaging Presentation [Video]

[embedyt][/embedyt] The 2-Step Formula For Starting An Engaging Presentation (notes) You only get a few seconds to make a positive first impression. Make your first impression count using this 2-step formula. Step 1: Pattern Interruption Your audience comes to your presentation distracted. They have other things on their mind. You need to interrupt their […]

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The Top 9 Characteristics of Effective Public Speakers

Public speaking can be terrifying, but when you care about your career progression you need to find a way to get your voice out. Public speaking is how you can share your ideas with a large number of people, stand out from the corporate crowd, and get visibility in your field. Unfortunately, if you’re public […]

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3 Professional Ways to Create Suspense When Presenting

Lots of presentations are boring (especially corporate ones). If you want to stand out from your peers and have the audience anticipate what you will say next, then you have to add some suspense elements to your presentations. Here are 3 practical ways you can apply today. 1 – Express the benefit for each point […]

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How to Start a Presentation Effectively – Storytelling

This is a continuation of the “How to Start a Presentation Effectively” series. I once asked my mentor about the best way to start a presentation. “The answer is in the movies.” he said. He told me “think of your favorite movie, … How did it start?” At the time I thought of the Matrix. […]

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How To Start A Presentation Effectively – Prop

This is a continuation of the “How to Start a Presentation Effectively” series. Start with Prop! The term “prop” comes from Theater. A prop is a physical object used by actors to hold the attention of the audience and develop the plot. Since we as speakers share similar goals to performers, then a prop could […]

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Six Ways To Start A Presentation Effectively

  When you present your message it is important to remember that your audience come with their own baggage before listening to you. They have their own projects, their own problems and their own concerns. If you want them to fully listen to your presentation then you have to wake them up and get them […]

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