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9 Ways To Turn a Boring Topic Into An Engaging Presentation

  Hey! Wake up! Do you have to present on a boring topic? Let’s do something about that! The first thing you need to know is that your topic is fine! Initially, almost all my client’s say that their subjects are boring, and other people have more interesting topics. Whether they are presenting about Marketing, […]

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9 “Speed Bump” presentation Slides You Don’t Need in Your Presentation

There are all kinds of techniques for creating a great presentation and just as many ways to ruin one. Here are 9 common slide habits that may lead to presentations that fall short of the mark. Taken individually none of these are fatal, but each takes away from the effectiveness of your presentation and the […]

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Number 1 Mistake Smart Presenters Make And How To Avoid It

I see this all the time. Smart presenters omit an important part of their presentation because they think “everyone already knows it.” The part that gets omitted is: declaring the reason you are there at the start of your presentation. That’s a huge mistake. Let me explain: Even if you know for a fact that […]

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How To Present & Make Customers Fall in Love with You and Your Company

As a technical or nontechnical professional (founder or non-founder): it’s important for you to make audiences and customers fall in love with your company! Because, when customers fall in love with your business … They also fall in love with you, with your product, and with your methodology. As a result, they buy into what […]

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A Unique Way To Start A Presentation and Capture Your Audience’s Attention

  So how do you start a presentation effectively? Good question because every time you get up to speak in front of a group of people, you have a monumental task ahead of you: Getting their undivided attention! Gaining your audience’s attention is not easy because you have to compete with powerful opponents: daydreams, cell […]

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4 Things that Can go Wrong with your Presentation and how to Handle Them

  … When you think your presentation is going well Murphy’s law strikes again! Murphy’s Law states that ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’ This seems to be especially true when you consider public speaking. Speaking in front of others is already a frightening experience, and when things start to go wrong during […]

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The 2-Step Formula For Starting An Engaging Presentation [Video]

[embedyt][/embedyt] The 2-Step Formula For Starting An Engaging Presentation (notes) You only get a few seconds to make a positive first impression. Make your first impression count using this 2-step formula. Step 1: Pattern Interruption Your audience comes to your presentation distracted. They have other things on their mind. You need to interrupt their […]

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The Biggest “Assumption-Trap” Presenters Make & How to Avoid It

When you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” This applies to your presentations as well. I learned this lesson the hard way, and you don’t have to. The biggest assumption my clients make when presenting at team meetings or executive committees is this: “everyone knows and remembers the background of the […]

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How To Make A Big Impression With Numbers

You can stop death by numbers today. Numbers are abstract. The bigger stranger a number is, the harder it is to be digested by your audience. At some point, your audience loses the ability to translate the numbers you spout out into something meaningful. That’s when they check out, lose interest, and give you the […]

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