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Presenting Data Effectively

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How to Present Data and Statistics with Impact

Statistics and data are an important part of your presentation. If misused, they can bore your audience to death. If used correctly, they can have a lasting impact. So, how do you present data the right way? Statistics and data are left brain food. They work well to support your logic and reasoning, and they […]

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5 Ideas from Edward Tufte About Compelling Powerpoint Design

I’m always looking for more effective ways to visually communicate in my Powerpoint presentations so that I can share the findings with you! I always seek to learn from the best – In this case, it’s Edward Tufte: You will learn a lot from him. Edward Tufte is a distinguished Yale University professor emeritus who […]

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How To Make A Big Impression With Numbers

You can stop death by numbers today. Numbers are abstract. The bigger stranger a number is, the harder it is to be digested by your audience. At some point, your audience loses the ability to translate the numbers you spout out into something meaningful. That’s when they check out, lose interest, and give you the […]

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