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4-Pillars of Public Speaking Confidence

When confronted with public speaking fear or anxiety – working on your most valuable asset – your confidence- becomes essential. Your confidence is the foundation of your delivery skills and content. It doesn’t matter if you know all the content in the world or if you are practiced in all the delivery skills possible, and […]

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Three Things That Erode Your Speaking Confidence

Your confidence is your biggest asset as a communicator. If you don’t invest time and energy to protect it, it will erode over time. Before you invest in building more confidence, start plugging the leaks in the foundation. If you don’t plug the holes, the confidence you add will leak out. I work with private […]

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Amazing Public Speaking Anxiety Elimination Method

Imagine what your life and career would be like without any public speaking anxiety. Yes, having an anxiety free presentations are possible. If you practice the following formula you can terminate your body’s stress response on the spot, the moment it happens. This method is best used in the heat of the moment when you […]

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Self Confidence Ingredients

The 7 Ingredients of Self-Confidence

Did you know that anxiety is one of the ingredients of self-confidence? Self-confidence is a cocktail of emotional states that you feel at a time. A state is a physio-neuro-emotional response ( how you feel, what you think, and how you move). To feel confident, you need anxiety plus 6 more emotional states. When the […]

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fear of public speaking statistics

7 Unbelievable “Fear of Public Speaking” Statistics

Fear of public speaking statistics Public speaking fear (Glossophobia) is a form of social anxiety disorder (SAD). There is a lot of misinformation out there about this fear and the number of people suffering from it. Don’t freak out! Labeling your fear of public speaking as a social anxiety disorder does not make it a […]

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How To Improve Public Speaking Skills Using These 6 “Out-Of-The-Box” Ways

The plateau is inevitable! You want to improve your public speaking skills, but you might feel stuck and frustrated. I’ve been stuck on this plateau many times. In fact, I am on one right now. I am not too worried because I know a way out of this rut. I want to share with you […]

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How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking: Three Ways

People often ask me How I (Finally) Got Over My Fear of Public Speaking. The short answer is that I have not. The fear is still there but I have it under control. Now, I speak on a national scale at conferences and coach the biggest names in the corporate world. I give my clients […]

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A Magical Breathing Exercise To Boost Your Influence & Confidence

Here’s a simple breathing exercise that will restore your breathing back to a normal and help put you at ease next time you speak in public. This exercise will improve your breathing habit because you have most likely picked up a bad one. Your bad breathing habit could be negatively impacting your confidence and ability […]

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