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How To Start A Presentation Effectively – Prop

This is a continuation of the “How to Start a Presentation Effectively” series. Start with Prop! The term “prop” comes from Theater. A prop is a physical object used by actors to hold the attention of the audience and develop the plot. Since we as speakers share similar goals to performers, then a prop could […]

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How to Public Speak and Sell Like Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a master public speaker and persuader. If you want to improve your speaking and persuasion skills so you can make more sales, improve your relationships or enhance your career, then you might want to pay some attention to Tony Robbins. Luckily a fellow blogger and an NLP master Tom O’Conner from NLP […]

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How To Learn Public Speaking Skills Fast

The fastest way to improve your public speaking skills is to follow this easy four step formula. Learn “one” public speaking technique Implement the technique in front of a live audience Get feedback on the effectiveness of the technique Repeat the process with a new technique Keep repeating the formula with each new technique you […]

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