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“Experience Required” Series Part 4 of 4: How to Follow Up After the Interview (If You Don’t Have the Right Experience)

In the last article of the Experienced Required series, you learned how to handle yourself during the interview, what to say (and not say) to best show you’re the right fit for the job. In this article, you’re going to learn what to say in the follow-up email (that you should definitely be writing) after […]

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“Experience Required” part 3 of 4: How to position yourself during the interview (When you don’t have the right experience)

You see a position you really want at a great company. But you don’t have the exact experience they’re looking for.  Should you even apply? Yes! After that, if you want to increase the chance that you get an interview, follow these steps.  Assuming you’ve landed the interview, I’ll now walk you through the “do’s” […]

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“Experience Required” Part 2 of 4: How To Get The Interview (when you don’t have the right experience)

You’re looking at a position and you don’t have the exact experience. Should you even apply? Yes! (we cover why you should in this article).  Okay, great. So you’ve decided to apply. Now how do you maximize your chances of getting the interview?  Well, what you don’t want to do is the “apply and hope” […]

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“Experience Required” part 1 of 4: Should You Even Apply? (When You Don’t Have the right experience)

You may have looked at a job post and wondered: “Should I apply for a job if I don’t have all the necessary qualifications?” Our answer is yes, you should apply – if you’re at least a 70% fit. Here are 3 reasons you should apply. Practice interviewing The first reason why you should apply […]

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the “Challenger Sales Presentation” With examples

Just connecting features and benefits to a customer’s needs isn’t enough to close deals in today’s environment. That’s where the Challenger system comes in with the 6 step process to help to craft a powerful and persuasive message. While working with clients, we found that implementing the 6-step process can be overwhelming. In this article, […]

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How To Publicly Disagree With Higher Ups At Work

If you have to disagree with higher ups, then you have to do it gracefully. Below is a three-part formula to help you navigate the terrain without stepping on landmines. Mindset – Your opinion matters Keep in mind that you have something to say, that’s why you’re there. When you have the right mindset going […]

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Casual Ways to Promote Yourself at Work

Here’s the dilemma: You’ve been working hard on your projects and you’ve been getting things done effectively. You’re ready for a promotion, raise or other opportunities. To make it easier to advocate for you, your manager tells you to promote yourself more within the department and company. But now you’re lost. How do you do […]

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If you’re like most professionals, when you first entered the working world, you focused on producing quality work. You wanted to do a good job and learn as much as you can, but you might not have immediately thought to self-promote. Then, at some point, you realized it’s not just about “doing your work.” In […]

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Needs Assessment: How to Evaluate Your Team’s Sales Skills

So you just designed or bought an off-the-shelf sales system for your sales team. You now have a high-level framework so reps can structure their calls, plan for objections, tailor their messages, and develop other sales skills.  But think of your average sales team member – how well does it work for them? Are they […]

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Asking Strategic Questions In Your Next Job Interview

Many people view job interviews as a 1-way flow of information: question → answer, question → answer. A great interview should feel more natural, like a conversation. One way to do achieve this is by asking questions yourself! This will help you seem more comfortable, confident and overall stand out as a candidate. You can […]

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