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Needs Assessment: How to Evaluate Your Team’s Sales Skills

So you just designed or bought an off-the-shelf sales system for your sales team. You now have a high-level framework so reps can structure their calls, plan for objections, tailor their messages, and develop other sales skills.  But think of your average sales team member – how well does it work for them? Are they […]

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Asking Strategic Questions In Your Next Job Interview

Many people view job interviews as a 1-way flow of information: question → answer, question → answer. A great interview should feel more natural, like a conversation. One way to do achieve this is by asking questions yourself! This will help you seem more comfortable, confident and overall stand out as a candidate. You can […]

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Behavioral Interview Questions – Tips From a Communications Pro

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking! Especially when it’s a job you really want. One of the most challenging parts of an interview can be behavioral interview questions – you know..the ones that often start with “tell me about a time when…”  But have no fear! This article will help you handle them like a pro. […]

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How to Evaluate A Public Speaking Training (Post-Training Assessment)

If you offer any training to your team, you want to ensure it was worth the investment. You want to make sure that not only did employees enjoy the experience, but that you’re seeing real results. So how do you know if it worked? Here we have 3 tiers that you can independently assess to […]

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How Do I Assess My Team’s Public Speaking Skills? (Needs Assessment)

You have a team and you want to improve their communication skills but you don’t know which training would be the best fit. If you want to get the best training for your team then you need to conduct a “needs assessment.” A needs assessment highlights specific areas that your team could improve on. Below […]

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13 Reasons To Offer Your Employees Presentation Skills Training

Your employees may be subject matter experts in their field, but do they know how to communicate their ideas well? Public speaking, communication and presentation skills are unfortunately not skills taught in school. So many of us grow up being experts in our domain but not having the skills to actually present our work (not […]

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How To Crush Your Fear Of Public Speaking As An Introvert

In this article I’ll show you how to crush your fear of public speaking as an introvert.  First I’ll define the term introvert and dive into some myths associated with it. Then I’ll explain what causes fear of public speaking for introverts, and finally, how to overcome that fear. What Is An Introvert The term […]

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Finding The Right Team Building Activities For Your Remote Team

In this article, I’ll go over 9 virtual team building activities for your remote team. When done properly, team building can boost creativity, communication, innovation, and trust. When team building is part of company culture, employees are more engaged which impacts the bottom line. Team building is not a one-size-fits-all model so I’ve broken it […]

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What Is An Online Public Speaking Class Like?

In this article, I will answer the question: “what does an online public speaking class look like?” Online virtual meetings are becoming the backbone of organizational communications. With so many companies like Zoom, Cisco, or Citrix developing the technology, professionals like you are looking for resources to learn how to be effective in such virtual […]

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7 Ways To Get People To Participate In A Virtual Meeting

Think back to your meetings this week. How many of them were productive? And how many of them got the group participating?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve ran and sat in plenty of meetings where people were on their laptops and not engaged. It felt like a waste of time.  Getting people to […]

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