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Storytelling and Influence

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How To Discover and Unleash Your Story Telling Ability – Storytelling in Business

You know that story telling will make you a better communicator. But. You might believe that you don’t have stories, that your life is boring, or that your topic of expertise doesn’t lend itself to storytelling. I hope that I can change your mind. Like many of my clients, I thought that I am not […]

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Storytelling In Business: The Ultimate Influence Tool

Whether it’s your customers, an audience, or employees – influence is the key to creating change and the lasting impact you desire in your work. What comes to mind when you think of Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and President Barack Obama? What did they have in common besides presidency? Well, they were all known as […]

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How to Start a Presentation Effectively – Storytelling

This is a continuation of the “How to Start a Presentation Effectively” series. I once asked my mentor about the best way to start a presentation. “The answer is in the movies.” he said. He told me “think of your favorite movie, … How did it start?” At the time I thought of the Matrix. […]

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