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“Experience Required” part 3 of 4: How to position yourself during the interview (When you don’t have the right experience)

You see a position you really want at a great company. But you don’t have the exact experience they’re looking for.  Should you even apply? Yes! After that, if you want to increase the chance that you get an interview, follow these steps.  Assuming you’ve landed the interview, I’ll now walk you through the “do’s” […]

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How To Publicly Disagree With Higher Ups At Work

If you have to disagree with higher ups, then you have to do it gracefully. Below is a three-part formula to help you navigate the terrain without stepping on landmines. Mindset – Your opinion matters Keep in mind that you have something to say, that’s why you’re there. When you have the right mindset going […]

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Why Every Salesperson Must Know THESE Fundamental Communication Skills

In our last article, we broke down a key reason why sales training programs fall short: they assume that all salespeople have the same level of fundamental communication skills. This is just not the case. A tiny percentage of a sales team will have the fundamental communication skills necessary to run with a sales training […]

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Behavioral Interview Questions – Tips From a Communications Pro

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking! Especially when it’s a job you really want. One of the most challenging parts of an interview can be behavioral interview questions – you know..the ones that often start with “tell me about a time when…”  But have no fear! This article will help you handle them like a pro. […]

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How To Crush Your Fear Of Public Speaking As An Introvert

In this article I’ll show you how to crush your fear of public speaking as an introvert.  First I’ll define the term introvert and dive into some myths associated with it. Then I’ll explain what causes fear of public speaking for introverts, and finally, how to overcome that fear. What Is An Introvert The term […]

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Finding The Right Team Building Activities For Your Remote Team

In this article, I’ll go over 9 virtual team building activities for your remote team. When done properly, team building can boost creativity, communication, innovation, and trust. When team building is part of company culture, employees are more engaged which impacts the bottom line. Team building is not a one-size-fits-all model so I’ve broken it […]

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The #1 Secret of Highly Persuasive People: Future Pacing

    I believe that you can be more persuasive. Especially when armed with storytelling, strong language patterns, and confidence. I use this Magnetic Speaking Blog to address all of the above, and today, I want to focus on “persuasive language patterns.” Specifically, “The King” of all language patterns: Future Pacing. It’s a pattern I […]

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How To Copy The Public Speaking Masters

Watching a good speaker can be “good” or “bad” for you. It all depends on how you watch that speaker. If you look at a good speaker and say to yourself “I can’t do that!” or “Oh, I can’t be like that!” then you are reinforcing a belief that you are not a good speaker. […]

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Four (4) Keys To Public Speaking Credibility

  When I first changed careers ten years ago from a pharmaceutical engineer to a professional speaker, I thought that I had no credibility as a professional speaker (because I lacked the background and relevant experience). As a result, I started to brag about myself to overcompensate – but as you probably know that rarely works. […]

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4-Pillars of Public Speaking Confidence

  When confronted with public speaking fear or anxiety – working on your most valuable asset – your confidence- becomes essential. Your confidence is the foundation of your delivery skills and content. It doesn’t matter if you know all the content in the world or if you are practiced in all the delivery skills possible, […]

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