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The Biggest Public Speaking Lesson I Learned From Prince

  I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t know Prince! You might not be able to name his albums, and you might not understand his lyrics, but I bet you will recognize him when you see or hear him. He is a unique human being. Despite the gossip about his flaws, you can’t deny that he […]

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A Simple Interactive Game To Use In Your Next Presentation

  Interactive presentations are superior to the static ones. You know that too. One-way presentations, where you are the only one talking are exhausting and boring for you and your audience. I hate them… That’s why I am always on the lookout for good interactive presentation games to incorporate into my talks. I learn these […]

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A Magical Breathing Exercise To Boost Your Influence & Confidence

Here’s a simple breathing exercise that will restore your breathing back to a normal and help put you at ease next time you speak in public. This exercise will improve your breathing habit because you have most likely picked up a bad one. Your bad breathing habit could be negatively impacting your confidence and ability […]

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5 Powerful Presentation Lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.

  The “ I have a dream ” speech by Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) is one of the most influential speeches of the 20th century. Regardless of your presentation topic, if you want to motivate, inspire, and move your audience, then you must study this masterpiece and apply it to your presentations. The “I […]

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9 Ways To Turn a Boring Topic Into An Engaging Presentation

  Hey! Wake up! Do you have to present on a boring topic? Let’s do something about that! The first thing you need to know is that your topic is fine! Initially, almost all my client’s say that their subjects are boring, and other people have more interesting topics. Whether they are presenting about Marketing, […]

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Extemporaneous Speaking: Perform Under Pressure From the Board Room to Next Job Interview

You have to get better at Extemporaneous Speaking. Here is why followed with some tips to help you think faster and better on your feet. Imagine you’re working hard on a project plan or product, and a co-worker interrupts to let you know that a C-level executive is in the conference room down the hall […]

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5 Ideas from Edward Tufte About Compelling Powerpoint Design

I’m always looking for more effective ways to visually communicate in my Powerpoint presentations so that I can share the findings with you! I always seek to learn from the best – In this case, it’s Edward Tufte: You will learn a lot from him. Edward Tufte is a distinguished Yale University professor emeritus who […]

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How to run a meeting and command the room

When you run a meeting or a presentation, people expect you to take charge and lead. If you don’t lead, your meetings will get out of control. This means people will speak out whenever they want, come in and out whenever they wish and argue with you at every point you make. You will not […]

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Number 1 Mistake Smart Presenters Make And How To Avoid It

I see this all the time. Smart presenters omit an important part of their presentation because they think “everyone already knows it.” The part that gets omitted is: declaring the reason you are there at the start of your presentation. That’s a huge mistake. Let me explain: Even if you know for a fact that […]

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A Simple Strategy To Build An Awesome Personal Brand

  Just like Google, Microsoft or Coca-Cola, you too have a personal brand. It’s your responsibility to cultivate positive associations with your brand and not leave that to chance. To learn how to create a top-notch brand, you have to learn from the dominating brands of today. How to tap into the power of Associative […]

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