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The #1 Secret of Highly Persuasive People: Future Pacing

I believe that you can be more persuasive, especially when armed with storytelling, strong language patterns, and confidence. I use this Magnetic Speaking Blog to address all of the above. Today, I want to focus on “persuasive language patterns,” specifically, “The King” of all language patterns: Future Pacing. It’s a pattern I learned while studying […]

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Take a Presentation From Good To Great By Setting Boundaries

  One of the simplest, fastest, and easiest way I know to take any presentation to the next level is to “elegantly” set boundaries and rules during your introduction. Boundaries and rules will tell people how to behave while you are speaking. If you don’t tell your audience how to behave, then they will do […]

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The One-Word That Hooks Your Audience Every Single Time

Imagine, being able to confidently give presentations anywhere and anytime. Imagine, being viewed as a respected leader in your field. Imagine, having no fear, no hesitation, no anxiety – you ask for what you want and get it. How will this affect you life? How much freedom will that give you? How many career opportunities […]

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project kickoff meeting guide

How to Run a Project Kickoff Meeting Successfully

Your ability to kickoff cross-functional team meetings is key to your success. A Project Kick-off meeting is where you form your project team and where you set the tone of all future interactions. The purpose of the meeting is to have the group meet, set expectations, learn about the project background, and get on the […]

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How to React to an Unresponsive Audience

So you muster every ounce of courage you have, and you ask a question hoping for audience response. And no one answers. What do you do? Do you give up and go back to giving a boring presentation? Or do you try again in a smarter way? Today’s Tip-Tuesday will give you professional comebacks to […]

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The One Quality You Need To Boost Your Influencing skills

Do you want to be more influential when you present? Here is the naked truth about influence: Having all the influencing skills and techniques in the universe is not going to help you a single bit if you are not likable. A 2008 study in Management Science demonstrated that people watching a presenter are more […]

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3 Ways To Dramatically Open Your Presentations

  Your goal as a presenter should be to capture the audience’s attention right from the beginning. I covered a few different ways to open your presentations before: And today I will include three more ways that are fit for any corporate talk. You want to learn as many ways as possible to capture the […]

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Amazing Public Speaking Anxiety Elimination Method

Imagine what your life and career would be like without any public speaking anxiety. Yes, having an anxiety free presentations are possible. If you practice the following formula you can terminate your body’s stress response on the spot, the moment it happens. This method is best used in the heat of the moment when you […]

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How to Make Sure Your Presentations Are “Value Adding”

Are you someone who “adds value” when presenting? If you are not someone who adds value, your audience might think that you are wasting their time. To get over this fear, I came up with criteria that I use to judge my presentations to make sure they are value adding. You probably hear the phrase […]

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The Ultimate Customer Success Story Template [formula]

There are only (3) three ways to influence people! You tell them how good you are Other people say how good you are You prove how good you are by showing results The third way is the most effective. In this article, you will learn how to tell great customer success stories that demonstrate the […]

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