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5 Great Powerpoint Alternatives for Your Presentation Needs

For a couple of decades now, Microsoft PowerPoint has been a staple tool in the hands of many professionals. PowerPoint incorporates standard Office features and a familiar, user-friendly interface that allows you to create static and interactive presentations quickly. However, PowerPoint is the not the only option for you out there. There are some great PowerPoint […]

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How To Use The Black Slide: Wow and Influence Your Audience

Chances are, you are not using the Black Slide in your presentations. Or you aren’t using it enough. Because of that, you are missing out on a big opportunity. In this article, I want to bring your attention to this underutilized presentation technique that will boost your influence, clarity, and command of the room every […]

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5 Ideas from Edward Tufte About Compelling Powerpoint Design

I’m always looking for more effective ways to visually communicate in my Powerpoint presentations so that I can share the findings with you! I always seek to learn from the best – In this case, it’s Edward Tufte: You will learn a lot from him. Edward Tufte is a distinguished Yale University professor emeritus who […]

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9 “Speed Bump” presentation Slides You Don’t Need in Your Presentation

There are all kinds of techniques for creating a great presentation and just as many ways to ruin one. Here are 9 common slide habits that may lead to presentations that fall short of the mark. Taken individually none of these are fatal, but each takes away from the effectiveness of your presentation and the […]

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The Simple structure Of A Story People Will Remember [Infographic]

Think about this for a moment! What do these stories have in common? – Star Wars – The Matrix – The God Father – King Arthur – Avatar Yes, they are all iconic movies … … But that’s not the common element I am looking for. What’s common between them is that they all follow […]

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