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Four (4) Keys To Public Speaking Credibility From a Professional Speaker

When I first changed careers ten years ago from a pharmaceutical engineer to a professional speaker, I thought that I had no credibility as a professional speaker (because I lacked the background and relevant experience). As a result, I started to brag about myself to overcompensate – but as you probably know that rarely works. A […]

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The One-Word That Hooks Your Audience Every Single Time

Imagine, being able to confidently give presentations anywhere and anytime. Imagine, being viewed as a respected leader in your field. Imagine, having no fear, no hesitation, no anxiety – you ask for what you want and get it. How will this affect you life? How much freedom will that give you? How many career opportunities […]

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3 Ways To Dramatically Open Your Presentations

  Your goal as a presenter should be to capture the audience’s attention right from the beginning. I covered a few different ways to open your presentations before: And today I will include three more ways that are fit for any corporate talk. You want to learn as many ways as possible to capture the […]

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Amazing Public Speaking Anxiety Elimination Method

Imagine what your life and career would be like without any public speaking anxiety. Yes, having an anxiety free presentations are possible. If you practice the following formula you can terminate your body’s stress response on the spot, the moment it happens. This method is best used in the heat of the moment when you […]

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11 Ingredients Every Great Presentation Needs

An excellent presentation has the same requirements as a great dish! Great ingredients. Just like Chef Ramsey can’t put out a tasty risotto, steak, or pasta without the proper ingredients, you will not be able to create a stellar presentation without the proper ingredients. Below is a list of ingredients every great presentation needs. 1- […]

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How to Make Sure Your Presentations Are “Value Adding”

Are you someone who “adds value” when presenting? If you are not someone who adds value, your audience might think that you are wasting their time. To get over this fear, I came up with criteria that I use to judge my presentations to make sure they are value adding. You probably hear the phrase […]

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The 4 Newest Rules Of Effective Public Speaking

  The old rules of effective public speaking changed forever in June of 2006. That’s when TED posted their first 6 TED talks online featuring presenters like Al Gore, Tony Robbins, and Ken Robinson. The reason that was a pivotal moment in the history of public speaking was that the videos exposed the world to […]

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How to Sell an Idea to Your Team in 30 Seconds

Ramble, ramble, ramble, portal, ramble, technology, ramble, ….. If you’ve tried to sell something to your team (or anyone) and it sounded like that, then you are in trouble. Stringing together product features has never been able to sell anyone. What influences people to buy are benefits to them and their ego. Technical and even […]

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How To Disagree Respectfully

How to Disagree Respectfully in a Business Environment

Disagreement is a healthy part of any business environment. Do you agree? It’s ok if you don’t (leave it in the comments and would love to read it). The problem is not usually with the actual disagreement; the problem is with how the disagreement is delivered. You can deliver and receive a disagreement, and both […]

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5 “Talking With Your Hands” Rules Charismatic Leaders Use

    You are always talking with your hands. Unfortunately, your hands might be saying the wrong things. According to a study published in the Leadership & Organization Development Journal: If you don’t use your hands when presenting, or if you use awkward hand movements, your audience will label you as cold and aloof. On the […]

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