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Finding The Right Team Building Activities For Your Remote Team

In this article, I’ll go over 9 virtual team building activities for your remote team. When done properly, team building can boost creativity, communication, innovation, and trust. When team building is part of company culture, employees are more engaged which impacts the bottom line. Team building is not a one-size-fits-all model so I’ve broken it […]

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What Is An Online Public Speaking Class Like?

With the mass shift to virtual meetings, a common question we’ve been getting lately is “What is an online public speaking class like?” Online virtual meetings have become the backbone of organizational communications and professionals like you are looking for resources to learn how to be effective in such virtual spaces. In this article, I’ll […]

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7 Ways To Get People To Participate In A Virtual Meeting

Think back to your virtual meetings this week. How many of them were productive? And how many of them got the group participating?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve ran and sat in plenty of meetings where people were on their laptops and not engaged. It felt like a waste of time.  Getting people […]

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8 Tips To Make You Effective In Virtual Meetings

Now more than ever, it’s critical to be effective in virtual meetings. More and more professionals use video conferencing applications each day and it’s important that you use the technology well so that you can stand out and get the right visibility. Here are 8 tips to make you polished, professional and effective in your […]

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How To Copy The Public Speaking Masters

Watching a public speaking master can be “good” or “bad” for you. It all depends on how you watch that speaker. If you look at a good speaker and say to yourself “I can’t do that!” or “Oh, I can’t be like that!” then you are reinforcing a belief that you are not a good […]

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11 Ingredients Every Great Presentation Needs

An excellent presentation has the same requirements as a great dish! Great ingredients. Just like Chef Ramsey can’t put out a tasty risotto, steak, or pasta without the proper ingredients, you will not be able to create a stellar presentation without the proper ingredients. Below is a list of ingredients every great presentation needs. 1- […]

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Three common leadership Mistakes

Here are the three common leadership mistakes that I see leaders make with messaging.  Understanding each of these mistakes will help you in correcting them and demonstrating you as the leader you are. Mistake #1: Not having a clear elevator pitch An elevator pitch is the core message of your business. It’s something you share […]

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How to be a Good Public Speaker

One of the first things clients ask is how to be a be a good public speaker. To answer that I always share one big takeaway from my ROTC classes in college (ROTC = Reserve Officers’ Training Corps): Here it is: “A Good Leader is a Good Follower.” I learned that to lead, I had […]

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Personal Branding As A Leader

How to incept a leadership brand at work

You know that leaders command more respect, more recognition and higher pay than their peers, yet very few position themselves to be viewed as leaders the right way. Branding yourself as a leader can be a hard to do. There is no direct way to get it; You can’t just bang on the table and […]

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The 4 Newest Rules Of Effective Public Speaking

  The old rules of effective public speaking changed forever in June of 2006. That’s when TED posted their first 6 TED talks online featuring presenters like Al Gore, Tony Robbins, and Ken Robinson. The reason that was a pivotal moment in the history of public speaking was that the videos exposed the world to […]

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